2019 State of the Union Address


We need a tiny blue dot for Austin please. And send help soon?


Well the conservative candidate told Albertans to “look in the mirror” for where all the oil royalties went. Not a great plan! Also Albertan’s always throw out the government when the oil prices crash.


To be fair, even socialist hellhole Minnesota is one* pocket of civilization and rationality in a sea of redneck garbage. It’s just that there are 1.2 rational folks for every piece of redneck garbage, so things aren’t too out of hand currently.

*well okay Duluth and Rochester, but c’mon.


But surely the majority of white guys in pickup trucks are NOT driving too close to @Dave_Perkins bike? :)


🔍 Hmm, but Dave Perkins sounds like the most common denominator in all these potential collisions and near misses. 🤔


And going by the diagram, Dave Perkins IS a white guy in a truck.

This conspiracy goes all the way to the top!




No one ever asked OBAMA to release his bicycle diary. No combustion!


It’s white pickup trucks all the way down!


I hear you. Salt Lake City is like a liberal gay Mecca within a sea of Mitt Romney.


There is nothing I want less than to take a dip in a sea of Mitt Romney.


I’m trying and failing to envision what this place would look like.




Then you haven’t been introduced to the Great Salt Lake!




Just make sure you are wearing your special underwear when you take that dip.


Regarding the USA chants we discussed earlier in this thread:

How, exactly, did we get to this juncture, where intoning the initials of our country has become such a flash point in American politics? And why did members of Congress sound like a rowdy crowd at a national sporting event?

The lesson may be that chanting “U-S-A” does not lend itself well to irony, but a once-simple refrain has now undoubtedly become weighted with multiple, at times conflicting, political meanings.