2019 State of the Union Address


(Junior?) Senator from AZ always styling 👉


No that’s clearly his own addition that he couldn’t help himself with.

And it fell flat. tbh, even the Republicans kind of … hesitated, even while the whole time their cheering at basically everything he says.




Oh shit, he just called “lawless” Mexico a threat to America. Kind of pin drop silence at that one.



Somehow Trump is so fucking stupid that I can’t even read this filtered version, penned by my forum friends, without getting stupider myself.



Now pushing the populism. Blaming the rich “behind gates and guards” as being behind illegal immigration.


We owe it to ourselves to stay informed. Self loathing.


I’m twisting and squirming.




He didn’t stutter when describing the sexual slave trade. Don’t need no teleprompter for that.


Ha, well done!

Sounds like Stacey Abrams could probably give her response by putting her forefinger between her lips and going BLBLBLBLLLBLBLBLBLBBLLL. And then tooting a clown horn.


At least he knows (or somebody knows) showmanship.

I do think this is going to create a new political reality of a large increase in border security. For all the ink, words, and effort spilt on it, there’s no way it’s not going to have an effect.

Also, he says ICE like ice and not I-C-E.


I’m positive he couldn’t say what ICE stands for.


He probably doesn’t even know how to make ice.


Also have to hit mute every now and then and give my brain a chance to clear up.


That’s how Fox New says it, so that’s good enough for him.