2019 State of the Union Address


To avoid castigation, we must stop the investigation!

If the glove doesn’t fit… well, I’m guilty and everyone knows it, but we must acquit!



I’ve never been a citizen of another country, but I’ve visited a fair few and count several non-US folks as friends. I like to think I have a small understanding of how folks outside the US see us. All through this speech, I keep thinking “holy crap, to anyone outside the USA we look like a bunch of pretentious assholes.” And I don’t just mean his orangeness up there, I mean the USA chants and extended applause after various “USA is so great” lines.



Oh the whole time.


Military stares.

He does have a point about being in Afghanistan for 18 years, which few Republicans are wiling to admit. (Not that we haven’t been saying the same for a decade).


It’s isn’t the senators and shit chanting USA, is it? Because if so what the fuck?!


Peace with the Taliban? Republicans seem nervous.

Clapping for killing is always a good look.


This is the speech that never ends.


Looked like pretty much all of them to me. Like this guy said:


I think ending the war is the first policy suggestion he’s made in this speech that I could potentially see myself agreeing with.


Like literally anyone else saying it though.


That’s it. I’m out. Bad bad night. Bad guy night.




Standing up for Israel and for Jewish victims in Pittsburg seems presidentially normal (and not Trump normal), aside from his white supremacy thing. It seems like he’s consciously trying to distance himself from that.


Again, I cannot imagine why you folks are watching this. I think the saddest thing I’ve heard through this filter is that there are USA chants. What the fuck.


Oh, I’m not watching that worthless asshole read from some incoherent script, life’s too short for that. Just following on twitter. :)


OMG they’re singing Happy Birthday like children. Was that the Democrats?


Dude America didn’t win WW2 by itself, argggggg!! /canttakeit

He’s going back to WW2 again. (does he feel put upon because of his performance in France?)