2019 State of the Union Address



Now I’m sure that you guys are just having me on about the USA chants and the like.


Well, technically I’m not. I’m losing yet another Slay the Spire run while it’s on the TV in the corner, occasionally glancing over when something catches my attention. Like most of our federal government chanting USA like a bunch of drunk fratboys. I mean, I understand that from Kavanaugh, but the rest?


He’s still talking WW2. Can he name our allies in WW2?


I’ll answer that: no.


He might be trying to get a longest speech ever in just because.


Krysten SInema not wearing white or sitting with the others… maybe an Arizona Democrat thing?

I think he’s wrapping up. Other than the delivery, the person, and the previous message, it does seem like a decent-ish speech written ending.


This thing is still going on?



Tonight Donald J. Trump became president.


I am asking you [tiggercut] to choose greatness. We must keep America first (in our hearts!) and we must always keep faith in America’s destiny must be the hope and promise and glory of all the nations of the world.


I kind of feel like Trump has overplayed his style. The primetime address last month, the end to end coverage since 2016, the twittering… it has made the SOTU just noise to me


I mean, yes, but we all have stupid things and you’ll grow out of it at some point. The really bad part is our own leaders taking it seriously.
Thank y’all for the cliff notes, there’s no way I’d consume this in another format (except Colbert).




Yea, that’s the first time he actually seemed Presidential. Rambling, making figures up, rambling more. But Presidential enough.






Free at last, free at last. Good Trout almighty, free at last.