2020 Downballot Election Extravaganza

Getting close to election time, and we’re gonna have a lot of non-presidential elections that are going to be just as important and the show on the main stage. @Matt_W mentioned this, so I figured I’d make a thread.

What’s the current tally of GOP reps and senators who are not running for reelection? I feel like it’s a lot.

I wonder if Jess King will run again in 2020 in my area. She lost, but maybe a general election will see a bigger bump.

Thanks for making the thread. It would be useful for folks with local knowledge to post results from their races. As I said in the quote from the other thread, Ammar Campa-Najjar, who is a young, (dashingly handsome), somewhat moderate (though as with all local politics, political alignment is less meaningful), Christian Democrat of Palestinian-Mexican heritage, who is running in rural, somewhat conservative (Trump+15 in 2016) CA-50 congressional district. (The one currently standing empty, having been vacated by hilariously inept criminal Duncan Hunter, who has pled guilty to corruption charges.) Darrel Issa, who stepped down as Rep for CA-49 in 2018 to work for the Trump administration, is running against him. And ACN–ahem–trumped him yesterday. If he can pull off a win in November, that would be big. The fact that he led Issa by 10 points is a big deal–points to high Democratic turnout and/or engagement and/or Republican disenchantment in that district.

Some good news from last night:

Roy Moore won’t make the runoff election in Alabama. I mention that mostly so I can link this:


Google to find out about her - she is far, far less famous than Peloton-instructor Jess King, as it turns out.

It’s almost like there aren’t good Republicans. . .

I mean sure, this one doesn’t rape kids, but, you know, there’s the rest of his personality. . .

This would be huge news if he does it.

It’ll put Montana in play for 2020.

Tuberville is a dumbass.

That is all.

My guess is that he’s reluctant to run but in the end he will do so out of a sense of duty.

If he wins, Deep Red Montana would hilariously have two Democratic senators.


Peterson is the Joe Manchin of the House. He says shit that drives anyone to the left of Mitt Romney crazy a lot of the time…but on some fairly big votes he’s a good one to have in the hip pocket nonetheless…and yes, when he eventually retires that seat is going bright red Republican.

So imagine that by some miracle, Mitch McConnell loses re-election. (Haha, pipe dream, I know, but humor me.) Also imagine that even so, the R’s keep control of the Senate. Who do they make majority leader? Because while I would so love to see Mitch gone, I feel that there will be someone exactly like him ready to step into his shoes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being rid of Mitch is a dream scenario, but does it really matter all that much if the R’s still control the Senate? Is there really no one just as scumbaggy as Mitch is? I find that hard to believe.

Grassley, if he wanted the job. Which I don’t think he does.

So maybe Inhofe?

I think Graham is more likely, though McConnell losing might also tar people who have been close to him, in which case it could just as easily be Romney. I would think that Thune would be the kind of default option, though I don’t know if his profile is high enough to step in with a major shakeup like that.

While of late the job has been more of a “who the hell is willing to take it” sort of thing, it has I think traditionally been tied to seniority. Which is why I mentioned Grassley and then Inhofe, as those two are the most senior.

Well, Thune is the Majority Whip, so that’s why I would think he’s the default successor.