2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Nope, not a Suikoden.

More bigger! Bigger more!

Since you mention remakes, Secret of Mana?

Not a Mana game, no.

May as well post another before going to bed.

Hey, circles! Who told you that you were allowed to make physical contact?! Signs of solidarity are strictly prohibited!

I have a hunch. I think it might be a post 16 bits RPG in the Japanese style.

Owl Boy?

Not Owl Boy.

Gee wiz, you may be onto something. Or are you? :P

New frame. I’m barely hiding anything at this point. I can neither confirm nor deny @Left_Empty’s hunch. Not because I don’t want to. It’s complicated. :D

Dragon Quest XI in 2D mode!..?

If this is correct (and I’m 110% positive that I’m right) you are a devious monster!

Ah, very interesting guess! Your percentages might need a little work. Probably good you didn’t bet anything on it. Your mind is going to the right territory, but unfortunately it is not a Dragon Quest.

As for my pick of what I took a screen of, you might be onto something there. I wasn’t intentionally trying to be devious, but from a certain perspective, it could be seen that way. In some ways, yours is the closest guess yet.

Is it the Canadian section of South Park: Stick of Truth?

Nope! Didn’t even know that game had a 2D section. Looked it up. Fun.

I sat here trying to make another screen with more reveals, but really the only thing left to be revealed was the rest of the characters’ sprites. So, screw it. Have the whole thing. Oh, and ignore the MSI Afterburner stats in the corner. I left it on by accident (had just been using it in another game).

Some one put me out of my misery here, will you? Anybody know this game?

And, heck, if it helps, have this too:

I think this is wrong, but is this an Ys game? I have no clue which as there are so many, but I see a JRPG sprite with red hair and think Ys. I’ll guess Ys VI if we need to be exact, but that’s a numeral selected at random.

Edit: Upon closer inspection, I think the red-haired sprite is a lady sprite, so probably not Ys.

Evoland 2

There’s certainly been a lot of versions of pretty much every Ys game in the series, so I get your reasoning. And you’re right, that IS a lady sprite. But yeah, not an Ys.

Edit: Nor is it an Evoland.

I think I know this now, but I had to do a bit of Google sleuthing to find the name, so I’m not sure if my guess counts or not, especially since I already guessed a few minutes ago. I’m spoilering the guess in case someone else knows it or figures it out.

I’m pretty sure it’s Pier Solar, a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game released within the past several years. I never played it, but remember reading about it—a new Sega Mega Drive game, how novel—and the cryptic clues / guesses reminded me that it was a thing that exists. Sifting through Google results for “new sega genesis jrpg” was then the hardest part.

@Dissensus You’re correct. It is indeed Pier Solar and the Great Architects. Originally a fan-made Genesis/Megadrive game that released in 2010. Then, in 2014, after a kickstarter for it, the “HD” version came out on PC, PS3, PS4, Ouya (lawl), Wii U and Xbox One. In 2015 it got a Dreamcast port, according to Wikipedia. However, that is not how I remember things. I’m almost certain the Dreamcast version came before the others (except the original Gen/MD). Anyway, the later versions had the ability to switch between the new “HD” graphics and music or the original 16-bit versions.

The original Genesis/Megadrive version is a big collector’s item. Especially since Watermelon had all the drama in recent years and it’s looking like they won’t be making new copies of it any time soon. You can still get the Steam version:

Anyway, you should now understand why I couldn’t answer Left_Empty’s question. It is a post 16-bit era RPG, but at the same time definitely IS a 16-bit RPG.

You’re up, @Dissensus. I realize you were not intending to win with that guess, but I don’t think anyone else is familiar with the game at all. Even if you had to look up its name, you knew what game you were trying to track down.