2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!


Demon Souls is the only game I’m familiar with that has purple zombie stick figures and green dragons.

Rage 2?

Demon’s Souls sure looks uglier than I remembered.

For the new one… Serious Sam 3?

A couple devices started having dead pixels, so I changed all my avatars for a few days.



Next update way later tonight.



Been looking for the name for 2 days, it finally came back to me: Book of Demons

A winner is you!


I think I actually left a negative Steam review for this game some time ago. If I remember correctly, the review went something like this: “This game is too easy, and there’s no reason to ever use more than a single skill, ever. Beat the thing in 10 hours using only one spell throughout.” And if that isn’t the review, that’s close enough.

I liked the aesthetics of the game, and the gameplay videos seemed to hold promise, but in the end it was much too simple for me.

I wished it had pad support when I played it. And then, when I couldn’t play it anymore, it had pad support.

POW Prisoners Of War?

Mmmm scanline games, no idea what that is tho.

Umm Rambo ?

The ninja star and gun tell me Shinobi? I had the villain costumes mixed up with Rolling Thunder.

Of the PCE kind even.

Another hole in one. I tried to sneak a major reveal in the first frame for a change, but that didn’t go unnoticed, nice work!

Okay, let’s see if anyone has seen this before -

The next one as I will not be able to post again until the morning.


Afraid not.

They do look like little buildings, but they aren’t little buildings.

It’s not Crackdown, but I want to say Crackdown, so I’ll say it: Crackdown.

Miami Vice? (C64 version)