2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

It’s not Crackdown, but I want to say Crackdown, so I’ll say it: Crackdown.

Miami Vice? (C64 version)

Not Miami Vice and not Crackdown though I loved it in the arcade. Despite the basic graphics this was a pc game.

Yuppers, but there’s no way I’d ever be able to name it.

Mario Teaches Typing!

(is not as fun as Typing of the Dead)

I’ll do a full reveal if nobody gets it, but if you can’t get it from this, I don’t know how much the last one will help.



Okay, apparently I was the only one who played Lexi-Cross.

1991 IBM PC, it was a game show set in the future, hosted by a cyborg-Bob Gorin-looking guy. You and your opponent took turns uncovering squares. Sometimes they will be a blank letter tile, an opportunity to buy a vowel, or any number of bonuses or penalties, or a blank space. Your turn ended when you hit a blank space or penalty square. You could at any time stop revealing tiles and instead ‘spin the wheel’ and choose a consonant, for which you would earn money for each one found (ala Wheel of Fortune). The goal is to guess the theme of the words that are uncovered. An example of words hidden might be SPRING, EXECUTIVE, WALK, GAME and you would win by entering ‘BOARD’. You would play 3 rounds with the stakes increasing in each further round, high score would win.

I really dug it as an original game show theme, and one of the first games I can recall where it would remember your character created, your winnings to date, and sadly I know this, give you a special greeting if you played on your birthday.

Hopefully this one will go faster, I swear it’s been posted before, but didn’t show up on a search.

Ultima Underworld

I think the third one was posted, not this one. The third is the one I played back then, anyhow. I was six when the first came out.

The fact that you knew there was a 3rd one, I will assume you know the game is Gobliiins…Another game from the early 90’s (I was 22). Totally had charm and reminded me of Goonies which was on the C64.

Yup. The art style is ingrained in my brain, straight away recognized a game I never played.

Here’s a new one.

Wow, thanks for sharing Lexi-Cross, even if no one could guess it. Looks like the kind of game I would play until I learned all the content and could guess the theme of a board from a few consonants in one word. (I don’t know if that was possible, but I exhausted the content of a lot of word games back in the day.)

And good snag on Gobliiins, @Lamalo! I remember dabbling in one or two of those, but never took.

Okay, now I’m obsessed with the hilarious Lexi-Cross game and box art:

Get it? His name is Chip!

No good guess on Lamalo’s first screen…

What is Mass Effect 3’s EDI doing there in the box art, I wonder? ;)

Heroes of Might & Magic V

Circles are better!

I can’t think of any Stargate games, so I’ll go with Crysis: Warhead.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

Far Cry: Primal

None correct, here are some more circles with a bigger hint.