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I have had Battle Realms in my playing queue forever. Dang.

Dynasty Warriors 2?

I’m not @CraigM, I don’t play with numbers!

Dynasty warriors (no numbers)

From Clipboard

Feels like @Left_Empty has been posting for half a month. :P

That wasn’t me with the peecee sharewares nobody remembers, that was gigglemoo. I only post AAA 3D stuff!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms [numerical value]

You’re thinking of the game boxes thread.

You’re mistaken as well, that’d be @kerzain.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I’ll take the attention.

This is obviously not Chinese.

Is this Kessen 3? Assuming I spelled it correctly.

Nobunaga was dead in Kessen 1 if I recall, which is the one I played. This looks kind of similar and I know that 3 was set in feudal Japan.

It’s the amazing Kessen 3 indeed!

The wacky game that made Shogun Total War 2 look like an antiquated uninspired relic when it was released 10 years later!

My knowledge of semi-obscure PS2 strategy titles finally pays off! I only bought Kessen 1 because it was among the first PS2 games available and saw Koei on the box, a company whose games I remembered from the NES/SNES days.

I’ll try to have something up before I go to bed tonight.

Listen you why should I use things like the actual words on the screen to help guide my guesses ;-)

Kessen 2 was set in the Romance of the Three Kings era, if I remember correctly, so not a terrible guess, excepting the Japanese names on the screen.

First screen: