2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Me too! Haha!

As for my guess… I think I’ve seen that horse icon somewhere. The original Mount & Blade maybe?

Obviously it is Red Dead Redemption 2

The Godfather

LOL. That’s too good.

Close! No fishing, but there is some red.

There might also be some dead.


Defender of The Crown 2?

Pod! Where have you been?

Too busy with a newborn baby to be guessing the name of random Japanese games that I’ve never seen before! :)

Pffft, excuses…

This one might be too hard so here’s another weird hint. Pretend he’s black.


Crusader Kings 1

Sumonner Wars.

And now for the big reveal…

Some of our regulars might recognize that thing at the top left.

I don’t.

But: Knights of the Chalice?

Warlords 2 (from the 90’s)?

Age of Wonders?

Not the game name.

Here we go guys, frame 7. Scott, top left!

I’ll throw a random game, 8 minutes empire.

Yeah, the icon doesn’t look super familiar to me, though that doesn’t mean anything, I’m old and forgetful. I would guess a Fire Emblem game maybe, but the only ones of those I’ve played are on 3DS and Switch, and this looks nothing like those.