2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Super Mario Party

I think you need to tell us in advance for the game you’re posting which one of your three categories it falls into:

  1. A game one of us can figure out
  2. A game only gigglemoo can figure out
  3. A game no one can figure out

It would save me a lot of time. :D

Not only can’t I predict the future, but I can’t even figure out how the frame game can be time consuming.

Well, excepting for idiots like me who get out of their way to take love-infused screenshots.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Wait, yeah, couldn’t you play NES games in earlier Animal Crossing games? Was Mr. Gimmick one of the cartridges you could find/collect/etc.?

What kind of Kirby game would have a clock in it?

Yup. My virtual friend Kittur jumped into the frame and violently assaulted me while I was trying to take a snapshot of her home-made Gimmick flag.
Sowwy Kyosho!

Well, I’ll post something later today, I suppose. Probably in 8 hours or so. Gotta work (a lot) today. ;)

You used your own history of posting obscure stuff to fool us! Well done Sir.

Oh, that kind of game.

So that’s Kirby? I thought Kirby was pink, not green? (I’ve never played a Kirby game).

That’s Mr. Gimmick, an insane, wonderful and crazy difficult platform game made by Sunsoft for the NES.
If you want to check out how it can play at top level, here is a recording of a pretty crazy speedrun.

Wow, I couldn’t stop watching that. I’m surprised that I’ve never heard of this game before today. It looked wonderful. And so much more generous compared to Mario! He could get hit multiple times before he died, and when he did die, he usually spawned back on the same screen or at most one screen back.

Of course, the boss battles looked insanely hard, like Spelunky’s vendor battle. So maybe the speed runner was making the whole thing look quite a bit easier than it was.

Nice twist at the end too.

@rhamorim Poke! Uh, with a long stick. Social distancing, you know.

Yeah, I couldn’t get a frame yesterday (I have none in stock), and I don’t think I can post anything before tonight, but がんばるね!

I could throw something in? :)

I was just poking fun, didn’t mean to be serious.

Go for it. Whoever wins, rhamorim still gets the next turn.