2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Death Stranding

Just Cause 3?

Winner winner, chicken dinner. I turned the UI off for tricksies.


Here’s one for you all to chew on:

Mechwarrior 4

World of Tanks

Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5

Holy fucken’ shit. I had like 6 of 'em lined up. And he gets it at first bit.

@Rock8man knows his slightly aliased tree’s.

Rock8 “SpeedTree®” Man

That black knight is a monster. Two PPC hits just end a locust or cicada, and it has four medium and two large lasers to back it up. It does overheat bit never runs out of ammo ;)

Transport Fever 2 ?


Got it in one.

So choosing a random game that I haven’t heard of didn’t work!

Blame @Left_Empty. I liked his idea, but thought it looked better than Mechwarrior 4.

My shot in the dark won, I’ll get something posted later today.


Five Night at Freddy’s.