2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Ding ding ding! @Left_Empty has it with The Touryst!

I blame Chappers, and I’ll try to find something very obscure yet sexy looking for all the big pixel lovers here.

frame 1

Thimbleweed Park?


The Last Door?

Not Enough Cats.

Nothing is close, but the game is so unique, nothing will ever be close!

frame 2

Shenmue 0.

frame 3

A pixel art game that measures time by liturgical hours?!? I’m wracking my brain here…

frame 4

What can Brown do for you?

Given the character model, it looks like a video game version of The Name of the Rose, which would be lunacy.

Edit - Or would that be awesome?

It’s not this game, I don’t think, but…

I think it might be! There are modern remakes.

Intrigued by the sleuthing on display here, I have found the answer via Google, and I would say @vinraith has earned the win.

Nah, I was just verifying @nijimeijer 's guess.

We could asynchronously thumb wrestle for it.

I’ve currently moved my thumb to the left. Your turn.

frame 5

Pretty darn close but still no correct guess.