2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Green Hell ?

Dead Rising

Far Cry Primal?


Zork Inquisitor


Who’s a good boy? @nijimeijer’s a good boy! Good boy!

It is indeed Far Cry Primal.

D’oh! Nothing prepared, though I can quickly get one together tomorrow AM.

Okay, here goes

All I see is a tiny green Dickbutt.

Ah, but in what game will you find a tiny green dickbutt?!

Deity Empires!

I’m pretty sure I know this dickbutt, but its name isn’t coming back.

Emperor: Battle for Dune

Neither of the above - next frame -

Please carry on.

Indeed it is Carrion! I figured it’d be simple, since the game is so new. I really enjoyed playing it. I’ve beaten it, but I need to go back and 100% a couple of areas. I was afraid that it was going to outstay its welcome, like My Friend Pedro, but I actually found it just about the perfect length.

@Left_Empty Poke! You’re up.

@Left_Empty Re-poke!

@Left_Empty is the worst at remembering. :P