2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

You guys don’t know how much he does for this thread. He’s over there right now, playing a 35 year old game on an Amstrad emulator so he can get a unique screenshot for us. Right Left_Empty?

Dude dominates this game so much he can’t even keep track of how frequently he wins. Absolute legend.

Well damn, somebody knows me. It wasn’t Amstrad, but it’s taking me way longer than I anticipated. Which is stupid, because I really should have but I can’t talk about it because I want do it eventually.
Game is hard.

So here is something else I just discovered recently and look forward to play one day if I don’t forget about it:

Chicken simulator four: the chickening.

Animal Farm


Stickman Epic?

Hatoful Boyfriend


West of Loathing?


Hoho, close; let’s introduce some wacky variety!

I don’t know what it is, but you have my attention!

@Left_Empty More? Though I’m not sure it’d help me, personally. Heh.

Sometimes, more is less.

Secret Garden, the game.



There was a secret garden game for the PC98, later ported in an educolrated version on the PC Engine. I strongly suggest not looking it up.