2020 Match 4 of The Resistance: Avalon

Do we want to try again with 8 or wait/try for 10?

After the last game I would honestly rather not.



Art thou prepareth for a tapestry?

In it to win it

1 out of 10! Nice. We’re almost there.

I’m in!

Heck to the yeah

If any of the 10 listed above drop out, I’d take a spot.

I believe we operate on the strict hierarchy system of ‘dibs’

Then consider my chair in the shoveled out parking space.

You’re darn right we do ‘dibs’. Snebmi gonna be mad if he misses out.

@CF_Kane be like:

I’m trying to run the Resistance, classic edition on zoom for some folks tomorrow, so this was quite timely.

I’m in!

I don’t recall, is this one of games that has dozens of message in an hour? Because that might be a bit too much attention to guarantee.

Sometimes? But I skip most of it because it’s just people rambling about ‘logic’ or something.

It’s way more fun to have 10 people though.

You have a point. I’ll join, slow logic works best anyway.

Only when someone on team evil has been identified and is desperately trying to talk their way out of it.