2020 Match 4 of The Resistance: Avalon

Then consider my chair in the shoveled out parking space.

You’re darn right we do ‘dibs’. Snebmi gonna be mad if he misses out.

@CF_Kane be like:

I’m trying to run the Resistance, classic edition on zoom for some folks tomorrow, so this was quite timely.

I’m in!

I don’t recall, is this one of games that has dozens of message in an hour? Because that might be a bit too much attention to guarantee.

Sometimes? But I skip most of it because it’s just people rambling about ‘logic’ or something.

It’s way more fun to have 10 people though.

You have a point. I’ll join, slow logic works best anyway.

Only when someone on team evil has been identified and is desperately trying to talk their way out of it.

You have my sword!

I am in!

Or if Scott and Kelly are on the same team or opposite teams.

I can’t help it if Kelly is evil no matter what team he is on.

9 of 10 have affirmed they vould be villing to wenture vorth.

I found ze 10th, allow me to work on the writings.

I’ve got:


As willing to go forward, if I’m wrong you have like an hour or two to let me know, because I have to re-read how to Avalon.

It’s pretty easy, you roll the random dice and get:
@Lantz - Assassin
@CraigM - Percival
@soondifferent - Loyal Subject
@CaseyRobinson - Merlin
@CF_Kane - Mordred
@rowe33 - Loyal Subject
@Perky_Goth - Loyal Subject
@jostly - Morgana
@scottagibson - Loyal Subject
@Otthegreat - Oberon

Then everyone votes incorrectly to teams a whole lot which drives you nuts as moderator because you know people are wrong but you can’t tell them that, and then I stab Rowe.

I already just did all the randomizing though. I gotta update the intro and take a quick break.

Yeah I know, see the list above…

I’m afraid that’s not correct.

rebuilding list