2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Awesome pic and awesome pick!

I uh, thought it was maybe the Hoover Dam, lol. But at least I identified the country (and hence the game) correctly!

Next game…

The Magic Candle



Ultima III

Not Ultima 3. Also not Rogue.

Next frame:


No, but that sounds like a brilliant idea for a game.

The DerpVerse expands.

Bargon Attack?

No, in fact I’ve never heard of that game before, so thanks for letting me know it existed!

Next frame:

Druid Daemons of the Deep?

I can’t answer this because @Chappers would kill me.

It does look familiar, but @Left_Empty is suggesting that it is faery tale adventure, is he right?

It is Faery Tale Adventure. Not sure who gets the win, though!

I had no idea what the game was.

sure knew though.