2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Bloodstained something something

Gunpoint Halloween levels?

Dracula X?

I feel like I’ve seen that lamp, but I have no idea where.

oops, frame 3 was a buster, so here is 4.

From my postage-stamp sized knowledge of shoot-em-ups, I remember Psyvariar had a grazing mechanic, so I’ll guess that despite the aspect ratio being all wrong.

Castlevania: Old Version

What’s the multiplayer, timed Castlevania game? Harmony of Despair?


Touhou Luna Nights?

That’s totally it!

What a cool little game.

Is that Little Miss Moffat in a batwinged mecha of some kind?

This one is tough, good luck guys:


Unfinished Swan

Rabbit in a Snow Storm: The Game.

Death Crown?

Slave Gladiator Sara


Is that a moai?

it s not gradius.