2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

I’ve really got to dig into Tametsi. I picked it up at the same time I grabbed Patterna and the latter kind of ate my brain for awhile.

@thischarmingman Poke! You’re up.

I PMed @thischarmingman yesterday and no response to that either. So, paging pinch hitter @Scotch_Lufkin.

I’m so sorry for going AWOL the one time my guess actually was correct! I’m at work now, but I can put up a frame this afternoon, if @Scotch_Lufkin has one ready earlier, thats totally fine by me. Again - sorry for holding up this thread. Also, tametsi is awesome and super hard.

Nope, you are all good - I was going to wait to get something ready just in case you were back today. Take it away!

I’ll post another before bed


Day of the tentacle, doh

DIng, ding, ding! I can’t really understand how you got it - must be the color palette? Such fond memories of playing this game as part of a box called “Origin Pak”, containing this, System Shock and Wing Commander. Somehow this is the only one I played much - to think I could have been really into immersive sims like Deus Ex if I just understood what to do in System Shock.

Also, the box <3

I had that collection, too! A couple of mind blowing games! (Plus WC3.)

Great spot, @nijimeijer! I played a lot of Bioforge, and that room is very early in the game, but I forgot that pattern on the ceiling and wall.

It was the color scheme and art style. The beginning of that game has a very distinctive style, and that game had a load of advertising back in the day. Playing it? I did - yet the marketing is more memorable to me than the game itself (other than using that dudes arm as a club).

Haha, that marketing never reached Norway, I think I read about the game in a b/w game magazine/fanzine. I bought it in a huge electronics/games store in NY on holiday, that was the highlight of the trip for 12 year old me. I was blown away by the combat system, using the numpad to punch/kick in all kinds of directions. And a cyborg wielding someones arm as a weapon was clearly awesome.

@nijimeijer Poke. You’re up.

Yup! I’ll get something posted up later today.

@nijimeijer Hi.

Dammit. Perhaps someone can step in and take my turn :)

@Scotch_Lufkin Yo.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla?