2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Ah, cool, I didn’t know about that one. I only ever played “Complete Waste of Time.” I particularly remember the plague cart tetris-like.

I’ll quote myself, in a message I sent to Malkael

If you make it through, you can enjoy the simple and charming game that they put beneath that coat of words.

Okay, gotta be stingy here because this one is pretty hard to hide:

Astroneer ?

Not Astroneer!

Train Valley 2?

That’s it! I’m a sucker for games that are played on a single screen, and Train Valley 2 is both relaxing but challenging, if you want to pursue the deeper goals on each map.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge level.

Single screen? So there’s no scrolling? I guess I just realized there aren’t many single screen games that I can think of. Probably more common on mobile platforms, like the excellent Kingdom Rush series.

Yep! You can zoom in and then scroll, but I usually play the game all the way zoomed out. As far as I know, they never break that convention, even in the later levels, which are pretty complex.

I’ve been meaning to play that more, nice little game.

Time for something creepy:

Attack on Titan?

Nope, but I can see why you guessed that :)

Dark Souls intro cinematic

Whoops, said that before I saw the second pic.

Underworld: Ascendant?

@Gigglemoo More?

Was too busy for computer sorry, next frame this afternoon.

Kingdoms of Amalur?

@Gigglemoo More? ;P