2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Well, I knew the order starting with 1701, because I played all Anno games from 1404 forward (and I learned 1701 was the one right before 1404). I never played the first two though.

He is correct. :)

Some real good guesses in there. Alas, none of them are right yet.

Must be Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

EDIT: or maybe not. I don’t remember rivers looking that good, but I’ll keep my guess. ;)

And you would be happy that you did stick with your original answer. Because it is indeed Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom! And here is the full screenshot in all its glory.

Hah, look at that! Lovely game. It was Zeus and Emperor that sparked the love I have for city building games to this day.

I won’t be able to post until tomorrow, I think, but I should do so. If someone thinks that’s too long to wait, feel free to take my turn!

Great screen! Although worth noting it’s not a screenshot you could get from the original game…

Well not for most people at least. Depending on map size, the widescreen fix can get you pretty close to screencapping an entire city with a 4K display resolution. So, should theoretically be possible if you have an even higher display resolution on hand (like 8K) and fiddle around with getting it in as a supported resolution option.

Most of us plebs have to resort to stitching multiple screenshots together though.

Well also, I don’t think even with modern patches you can turn off the UI, can you?

Honestly, do not fully remember since my latest Impressions city builder project has been the Augustus mod for the open source Julius recreation of Caesar III. Original Caesar III has the ability to hide HUD elements like the sidebar, and I swear Pharaoh does too. So keeping track of what each game allows you to do to the GUI is a nightmare since I vaguely remember Emperor having hotkeys to toggle the overlay and such.

Didn’t have time to do a screen capture myself so just internet searched for Emperor: ROTMK screenshots.

Sorry, not trying to give you a hard time. It is a cool shot, and no one was thrown off by the lack of a UI or the resolution. I love that these games keep getting fan updates to keep them viable. I wish someone could do the same to SimGolf, but from what I can tell Sid Meier essentially hacks his games together and it’s nearly impossible to get a handle on the rendering system for SimGolf.

Thank you all for waiting!

Yes, Your Grace?

Interesting guess, but no.

Not pixelated enough to be Yes, Your Grace!

King’s Quest VII?


Oh, huh. Clearly my hour trying out the game didn’t make a very deep impression. Sorry, YYG devs!

Let’s spice this up with some GUI elements and other… uh… hints.

I think it’s Erannorth. You’re playing as the Dancer class

I see we have a connoisseur here. Yes, it’s Erannorth Reborn, and yes, that’s my Spelldancer!

This is a great deck builder/RPG hybrid with massive amounts of content and lots of fun. I certainly recommend it.

Your turn, @Hereafter ! Well done!