2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Yes, yes it is. And it’s so, so good. Easily my favorite deck building roguelike thing.

Plus, this picture makes me happy, mostly because of those 17 sweet, sweet stacks of life steal. Seraph’s about to feel some darkness alright.

You should try Trials of Fire and Erannorth Reborn. ;)

Both of which I own and have been dabbling with, though both strike me as “beyond” the Slay the Spire “genre” in their respective ways so I’m not sure they’re competition for this specific title. That said, I didn’t define my terms well. :)

Fair enough. They do go a mile or two beyond Slay the Spire and Monster Train, but I think they’re fairly fresh takes on the general “deckbuilding roguelike-ish” genre.

Yup, they both look awesome, I’ve just struggled to find time to learn them between a very busy few months at work and a baby that won’t sleep properly. :) Monster Train I already learned, and it lends itself to 10 minute sessions, so I play a lot of it these days (to the degree that I play anything).

Anyway, @fox.ferro, you’re up!

<slaps forehead>

This one shall be revealed slightly differently. I regret nothing.

Why is my name there? Is that a hint of some sort? This is weird.

One of those shitty minigames Steam sales inflict upon the people crazy enough to click it, for the past 5 years!

At least you appear to be 90/90. There are worse numbers to be.

I didn’t make a guess, but for some reason I’m thinking… Risk of Rain?

Is this a rebus? Cat quest?

The Game Frame Game?

lol. Very meta

I mean, technically this answer wins every time right?

Apparently rhamorim is also a number two. Sorry about that.

Perhaps the good professor can help? Or not?

“We are all going to die!”


Fallout I?

diku mud?

Is it Duskers?