2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Well if we’re chucking out cRPGs then I might as well contribute with Tyranny.

Dak souls

What would you call a WH40K-inspired soulslike?

“Dakka Souls”

Mad Max?

Mass Effect 3?

I want this to be a real thing, where all the voice actors are from Boston.

No correct guesses - but honestly I’d have been astonished if someone got it with just my vague clue and this part of the image. I’ll post a new image later this afternoon.

Hmmmm. Valheim?

Everybody made fun of my phone autocorrect’s typo -_-

I will give this clue to help out since I am “cheating” a little, but again, with the best of intentions.

This is indeed an Early Access title found only on Steam (as far as I know - I mean, it may be on other platforms such as EPIC but I mean it’s a PC game only for now, which I guess is probably obvious given it’s Early Access so …)

That narrows it down to 706 games on Steam currently in EA!


Praey for the Gods?

I assumed as much, as you can see from my guesses. ;)



Baldur’s Gate 3?

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous?

wait, there are unspoken rules?

Kind of? They’re not official anyway. As I see it:

  • avoid posting early access games
  • avoid posting games in alpha, beta, that most people can’t play yet
  • avoid video-based (not in-engine) cutscenes
  • following from the above, prefer gameplay screenshots over cutscene screenshots
  • keep it as SFW as possible

Right! Pretty common sense then basically. I thought there were some category of games or something else I hadn’t picked up on