2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Screenshots showing fishing are encouraged. ;)

@Scotch_Lufkin we need moar reveal.

Nailed it. Honestly could copy and paste that and put it in the OP, but we’ll keep it casual and “unspoken” for now, give folks fluidity for changing things up now and again, unless it starts to get abused.

In any case (and on a related note), many of you are on the right track - and this shouldn’t be a very difficult one once I start showing off elements that will look familiar, starting right now in fact, as I quickly ran out of road to grab “sneaky” chunks of the screen.

For one thing, while this is indeed an EA title, 19 of my Steam friends have played this and ALL of my Steam friends come from Qt3. :) Two of you have taken guesses…

Hahahah, I suddenly had this vision that the next reveal was naked boobs.

Ahh, geez, really going to test my knowledge of current Early Access games here. Tainted Grail: Conquest?

Well, I am honestly shocked that no one got this one, especially since some of you actually own it, haha!

But, that’s totally okay - here is the next clue, and it’s a big one. I would be shocked AND appalled if no one recognized this particular landmark.


Age of Wonders Planetfall ?


LOL nothing yet!

I want desperately to post in this games’ dedicated thread but I can’t until someone guesses this! :)

I think Left_Empty might be right. I think I read on the front page or maybe in one of the “what have you been playing” threads that there was an early access Magic ARPG or something.

I feel like this is Trials of Fire?

My Steam just updated that game this morning, you might be right!

I haven’t played it yet.

You got it!

@lordkosc even has this in his library. :)

Now, you may be wondering why I selected this particularly game, even though it’s in Early Access - well, technically I’ve been playing the 1.0 preview the last few days, but also it comes out tomorrow! This is an absolutely outstanding game - a near perfect blend of strategy RPG and card/deck building - that looks gorgeous, has some really fun lore and world building, and is endlessly replayable (at least in theory). I’ve put about 6 hours into the final version and it’s a treat. I actually have a video I recorded for it, but was asked to hold off until Friday so it debuts on my channel at like 6am CST or something.

Anyway, congrats @Malkael, your up next!

I bought the game sight unseen on one of your earlier recommendation posts for it.

Ditto. Honestly Scott, you don’t think we actually play the games we buy do you?

Awesome! I hope you like it! I think the price is actually going up at some point here post-release so that might have been a smart move.

Haha, honestly that’s a fair point. I have many myself unplayed. But the thread for this one was fairly active, though I don’t remember how much overlap there is between folks in that thread and this one - but that was another reason I felt obligated to put some more light on this gaming gem.

It looks great and I’m really looking forward to giving it some time. Right now, sadly, I’m lucky to find 10 minutes in a day for some gaming, which needless to say restricts my options.

Here’s me without it in even in my Steam library yet, haha. Which will be getting rectified in the future when possible, just a case of too many games and not enough time nor money.

Now to figure out what game I want to post. Hmm, choices.

Hah, if I had seen that I’d know it! That wizard threw me off because it looked 2D, but I totally forgot about the “card” part ;)

Great pick!

I can’t wait to play this again. I put 7 hours into it over a year ago and it was really good then.

And off we go!