2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Having seen the number of people who returned to game just for the 15th anniversary update last year, which added some new elite skills and weapons. I feel like this is one of those games that would spring back into some vigorous life for a while if it ever somehow got a significant content update.

And the one game I can’t seemingly get a proper spiritual sequel to. Guild Wars 2 carries the banner officially but it is such a stark departure from the original Guild Wars gameplay-wise.

Never played much Paragon either, I’m afraid. My main was a Ritualist. I also played a lot of Mesmer and Necromancer. Guild Wars is probably, in terms of hours played, my most-played game ever, only rivalled by Guild Wars 2, and Monster Hunter World is in a very distant third place.

That was a great pick.

In that case, can I pass my turn to you? I already posted twice in the last few days, so this thread could use some variance. ;)

That’s true. Guild Wars was pretty unique in terms of gameplay, and the diversity of builds you could have was something Guild Wars 2 never came close to resembling. I miss that, too, but I’m honestly afraid to go back to GW1 and be stuck there for another thousand hours or so. ;)

Sorry, complicated past 24 hours, but here we go:

Nice pick!

I read that as “I know that one but don’t want to guess it.” :)

You can always get it and then invoke @Scotch_Lufkin.

Cook Serve Delicious?

Yes, very good pick.

I’ll guess Cook Serve Delicious 2, just in case.

And I’m not bluffing! Not at all, I say.

So I guess I’ll wait and see the flop! ;)


Not CSD or Overcooked.

Bloodrayne: The Sidescroller’s Title?

I can’t stand not showing off.
Risk of Rain 2

And he knew it from the side of beef (or ham or whatever that is). That is genuinely impressive LE.

All yours.

Those artifacts have such a strangely distinctive flair to them.
Well same could be said of the whole game!
This game is amazing, but it’s disheartening for me, because like so many games of that sort, it makes me very motion sick! Even the Switch’s version losey FPS didn’t help me.
It’s such an awesome implementation in 3D of classical 2D shooty games. I wished I had a better stomach for it.
I know what I want to capture but it’s a bit of a bother so I’ll look up a pretty picture instead :O

Project Diva Mega39’s?

In other waters?