2021 Match 1 of The Resistance: Avalon

@Perky_Goth, all the votes are in if you care to use Keeping a Close Eye on You


Only one of the people that went on the Quest!

I slay myself sometimes.

I am on the team so I don’t think it makes much sense to comment.

I know, I know!

Leaning Casey due to correlations.

Whomever you choose, be sure to let us know before KS reveals the actual vote.

I’m doing nothing until Perky says to. Or 24 hours pass since I asked.

Go with Casey, @Knightsaber.

Okie hold on a minute.

Quest 2!

The party of:


It, well, was a thing that’s now over. It started with…


There was much rejoicing. Then suddenly…


The party is winding up. Amazingly…


We got silly string and wizard hats on. And then…


Party deflated.

Evil leads 2-0.

Quest 3 is upon us and it is Succeed or lose three consecutive quests for team Good.

For 3A we have @scottagibson handing out a trio of cards, none of which are immediately effective:

Strong Leader
No Confidence
Keeping a Close Eye On You

Also I’ll just hit everyone with a tag so the doom and gloom can start.




I see you Perky. I see the typing icon

So, team evil, I realize something. Something significant here. I debate spelling it out, but it can seal Avalon’s fate.

It’s rare, but the premonition was right. Why should anyone trust me, though? Beats me.
I went with approval correlation with Craig and jostly, pretty much. Had a feeling before, guess I was running the process in the background. Screwed up my own voting by not trusting rowe enough, having his card distract me.


@scottagibson if you give me the cards, we win outright.

Toss the eye to @rowe33 for a laugh.

Sorry team good, this one surprised even me.

^ He’s right. If you want to play it out, we can but it’s just 5 rounds of voting, NC’s and a SL to wrap it up.