2021 Match 1 of The Resistance: Avalon

It was over too quickly to have anything to argue about lol!

Sorry guys—bad luck on my part assigning turn one cards.

We could start over if all ten of you are so inclined. Let me smack that list.


I’m game.

I’d play again. We can’t do worse! Right?

Deal me in.

Definitely in. Same roles?


You have my sword!

I’m in, thanks for running them!

It’s really easy, can’t lie :) Don’t even worry about it.

BSG, now that sucks to run.

I am in

Nah, you did just fine, sometimes things go bad

It takes a little while to be able to handle the spice melange.

Sign me up for round 2

Yup. We had a few breaks go our way. Having Casey on mission 2, unknown to us, and having Scott get those cards changed everything.

Also I am game.

9 of you already.

I’m not sure how @CaseyRobinson feels about another round. What if @CaseyRobinson doesn’t want to? What if @CaseyRobinson does want to? What if @CaseyRobinson is cross-country skiing right now and can’t answer? What do we do if @CaseyRobinson has left on an expedition to Europa?

So many questions.

Don’t worry, the signal round trip to Jupiter and back is under two hours.

Yeah no I want to

Oh neat I’ll vomit up a new thread in a little while.