2021 Match 1 of The Resistance: Avalon

Other times they are psychotic.

ok that is a daunting wall of text and some scary responsibilities. Gotta table this until after dinner!

Okay think I’m caught up. (Awesome lute bikes @CraigM. Also curse you)

I guess we should do Overheard conversation first, and then I’ll Open up to that person. Any suggestion on who to give that to?

I’m leaning towards @rowe33 since he did the spotlight on Craig. Unless I was psychic and Craig really was Oberon.

So, you’re saying there’s a chance…

It’s a pretty Oberon-y move to blow shit up in the spotlight like that but assassin is also possible.

What if I told you I was Mordred and Merlin had no clue. And Morgana hid themselves, so now Percival is taken hook line and sinker.

Or that I am gonna shabby stabby and Merlin already revealed themselves.

Or I am Oberon just wanting my idol to notice me.

Indeed I am all of the above, and none. I am a quantum superposition of evil. Schrodingner’s evil knight. Open the box and find out.

I mean I’m not Morgana, thanks for asking. But I do look good in her hat, I’ll have you know.

hmm any other thoughts? heading out in a bit but on return I’ll gamble OC on @rowe33

Just let me know when. Am sick. (No fever, no worries.). I slept all day yesterday and didn’t miss anything. I could stand doing it again :)

yeah ill give OC to @rowe33 since I don’t have a better idea.

Get better @Knightsaber!

Okie, @rowe33, you get to learn either @Lantz or @jostly’s affiliation.

Then there are still two more cards to deal with.

Oh this is fun :)

I mean really, you should pick me. You can be certain of my loyalty, so you would know if a report is trustworthy.

Are you talking about the next card because this one doesn’t work that way. Please refrain from confusing the host.

Ha, no host confusion intended. Really I’m just messing with Kelley, because that’s what is best in Avalon.

Any thoughts here? Jostly has a NC card but Craig reached down the list to pick Lantz. So an argument could be made for checking either one.

I will obviously abstain from commenting since I am one of the options.

I lean slightly towards jostly, since he has the NC card, but I can see the case for either.


Yeah, I don’t have much of an opinion on this one. NC isn’t a big factor either way as we need to assume that we can’t go up to 4 party leadership changes with an NC out there anyway.

FYI, I’ve lounged around watching movies and I have literally seen the entire MCU since this game started. In case you were wondering how slow it’s going.