2021 Match 1 of The Resistance: Avalon

Casey was Oberon.
Craig was the Assassin.
jostly was Morgana and scott was Mordred.

I’m sure Merlin would have had something to say but didn’t know Evil would be handing out cards now.

Also @CraigM named Merlin to me on day 1 in a PM so GG anyway.

Ah, I had Perky and scott flip-flopped.

Ya’ll were so quiet as a team that I was pretty sure you’d lose anyway.

scott was too evil to do his usual logic posting.

Lantz was too Merlin-y to be able to point anything out. I guess :) I dunno How to Merlin.

Wait, so who was Merlin? Lantz or Perky?


i.e. we just played Silent Lantz

One second.

Merlin - Lantz
Percy - CF_Kane
Loyal Servant 1 - soondifferent
Loyal Servant 2 - Otthegreat
Loyal Servant 3 - rowe33
Loyal Servant 4 - Perky_Goth

Morgana - jostly
Assassin - CraigM
Mordred - scottagibson
Oberon - CaseyRobinson

Ott’s team 2B was clean! I was sad.

Well, nevermind. Correlation was wrong on this one, because he’s played this before.

Anyway, GG.

Ah dang. Well played evils!

Thanks for hosting @Knightsaber!

I don’t get the 9 Yes votes for the last team, it looked like ‘well whatever we’re tired of this’.

Well now that I think about it. Merlin knew Casey was evil but said Yes probably because he didn’t want to be one of the very few No votes. Couldn’t say anything because he would be outed. Didn’t know scott was Mordred and about to get cards, though.

I think it was fear of the Chicago Proxy and the No Confidence. If both are held by evil, it could be game over.

I voted yes so Scott would get cards, had no idea Oberon was on the team!

Lantz had his hands tied pretty much the whole game.

Yep. Which made no sense, even scott said it, but instinct is what it is.

Quiet Avalon games suck! :)

Especially over on my side of the table. I had a lot of PM’s, though. I guess.

How did @CraigM guess @Lantz for Merlin on the first day? On the basis of Silent_Lantz?

No votes on my team. Scott also no I guessed Morgana, incorrectly.

Lantz was a consistent no until this team.

Wow! I thought getting scott the cards was the best play, but didn’t figure it would win us the game immediately.

Thanks for the game everyone, and to KS for running it!

Me, too.

Me too! I was just trying to do the normal VNFI thing I do in every game, until this last turn when I wanted the cards. I thought it was a clean team, but figured the cards were more important.

Was I quiet? Maybe, but mostly cuz there wasn’t much to talk about. I wasn’t trying to be quiet, but the group was through quest one in a flash and a blur.

Thanks for running the game @Knightsaber , I have missed playing it!