2021 Match 1 of The Resistance: Avalon

Wow you don’t get a more convincing loss than that.

I’ll take that as a moral victory! Even though I had next to no confidence in it.

Yes, thanks for running it KS! I’d forgotten how much fun these were.

I have an idea about Chicago Proxy which might make it more relevant. What if you play it after the team votes are announced, to change one vote? Instead of deciding to play it before the team vote is taken? That way, you could make a tactical choice to advance a team or kill one on the close votes?

I voted yes to your team as I was on it. I don’t see the tell but I guess it was there.

Indeed, I had no idea who was Merlin. I don’t see the tell either.

I had kind of forgot, but we have run into this team killing problem before and discussed dumping the idea. Maybe you can only force a yes vote? Or bring back spotlight?

Honestly I think that a good player should always just immediately burn it.

Maybe I have selective memory, but it seems to me that CP is rarely used.

It is rarely used but often causes problems. I think that it was introduced when we were playing smaller games where the player ratio didn’t make it an NC style threat.

I had not caught on to you at all but I couldn’t think of a way to get past Casey’s team that wasn’t just giving up the game.

I was quite torn about Casey’s team. I thought it was clean and would form the core of a winning team for good, so I didn’t want it to go. On the other hand, I wanted to get the cards. So in the end I decided on the cards. Casey being Oberon was a bonus.

It is funny after the fact on what we were stressed about. I really wanted to make an argument to not let the team go because I wanted you to run a team (and me get the cards) but couldn’t figure out a feasible argument that wasn’t going to give me away.

When you and Rowe didn’t argue I should have known you were evil ;)

It was over too quickly to have anything to argue about lol!

Sorry guys—bad luck on my part assigning turn one cards.

We could start over if all ten of you are so inclined. Let me smack that list.


I’m game.

I’d play again. We can’t do worse! Right?

Deal me in.

Definitely in. Same roles?


You have my sword!

I’m in, thanks for running them!

It’s really easy, can’t lie :) Don’t even worry about it.

BSG, now that sucks to run.