2021 Match 1 of The Resistance: Avalon


Yeah, definitely a concern here. We have a very quiet game for some reason which is a little disconcerting.

I guess we don’t know much, or don’t have enough claims to argue about. We probably pulled the trigger on quest team 1 too soon. We know Craig is openly evil, and we have one accusation, but nothing approaching a workable chain of trust yet. I’m just trying to decide when I don’t have any choice but to vote for a team to avoid evil squeezing us with the cards. Not that I’m assuming both cards are in the hands of evil, but one of them at least has to be.

Well, I’m voting on instinct, and you know how bad it tends to be. But, with those cards out, I’d thought it might be better to accept 2B then let it last longer. Don’t have anything to think about Casey, either.
It might get us closer to oblivion, but it would also give me a chance to use the card and prove something.

Yeah, there’s really just not a lot to go on. For my own team, I decided to assume Rowe and Soon were okay and then filled in the rest based on voting. I also didn’t want to just throw up 2A again. Pretty shaky reasoning, which is why I didn’t bother going into detail when putting it forward and wasn’t surprised to see it shot down.

Good luck Casey!

Well, no one is going to blame you for re-running 2A but subbing yourself in for another unknown quantity. It’s perfectly reasonable.

The Yes votes for team 1B were: Kane, Craig, Soon, Otis, Casey, Lantz, Jostly, Perky. We know Craig is evil, and we are told Soon is good while Jostly is evil. But that’s a lot of votes for an unknown team.

Yeah, I’m pretty confused. I don’t think I can get on board the Trust Kelly train and have Kane along too, since he passed the NC to jostly.

Let’s say

And hmm. Leaning towards @Lantz for the last.

Also just had a thought about making this team Kelly-free since he’s got that CP card but I haven’t given that much real thought yet.

Is this final or are you looking for chitter chatter first?

Thai is a conundrum, for sure.

Clearly you should add me so there is no doubt of the outcome.

I don’t know about that. If the question is whether or not to order Thai food, the correct answer is always yes.

Go home autocorrect, you’re drunk again.

Looking for chitter chatter, nothing final yet. Except of course the deliciousness of Thai food.

Lantz seems as good a choice as any at this point. The only alternative really is Scott? I guess which of the two you end up picking depends how wild and crazy you think Craig is and whether he knowingly picked another evil for his team.

What’s strange to me in these team picks for the second mission is that rowe33’s claim of me being evil seems to have been accepted without debate, and he’s been included on every team. Usually we’d see both me and rowe being quarantined off teams until there’s another verification of either of us.

Whether he lied about soon as well is really immaterial, since nothing says that evil always lies, especially if one truth can strengthen another lie.

Well, it’s generally a bad idea for an evil player to give false reports about another player, unless they are in a situation where they have no choice. It doesn’t take much to expose them, and in Rowe’s case there are now as many as three ways to expose him: examine you, examine Soon, examine Rowe. The only thing we have approaching a chain of trust is Rowe → Soon, so I’m not surprised that team pickers are leaning on it.

Assuming people are telling the truth because it’s risky for evil to lie makes it less risky for evil to lie. :) But yeah, I see the argument. I’ll wait for that moment of vindication then.

Yeah, let’s do this one:


Votin’ time everyone

Taking orders, etc.

@rowe33 can Chicago Proxy someone if he feels like it.

No, will save it for now I think.

Team 2C is approved.


@CF_Kane - Yes
@CraigM - Yes
@soondifferent - No
@Otthegreat - Yes
@CaseyRobinson - Yes
@scottagibson - Yes
@Lantz - Yes
@rowe33 - Yes
@jostly - Yes
@Perky_Goth - Yes

9 Yea
1 Nay

@jostly, would you like to No Confidence this business?