2021 Match 2 of The Resistance: Avalon

The chain is Lantz → Jostly → Casey.

Though all three team-controlling cards to one person is…bold.

Yeah this has the potential to go hilariously wrong. So I’m all for it!

That’s fair, I didn’t think about it too much since I know they are both good but I should have pushed the NC to Casey for everyone else’s mental health. We have a couple Take Responsibilities coming up.

Have 8 votes already, 2 remain, send them along.

Team 2A is approved


@CaseyRobinson - Yea
@Otthegreat - Yea
@Lantz - Yea
@scottagibson - Yea
@Perky_Goth - Yea
@CF_Kane - Yea
@rowe33 - Nay
@soondifferent - Yea
@CraigM - Yea
@jostly - Yea

9 Yea
1 Nay

@jostly, do you care to deny this team with one of your many ways of control and wizardry?

Fail early, fail fast. On which side are you, jostly?

Woah. That makes me and Lantz look a little suspicious.

I guess there’s a chance evil knew this team was likely to get the nod and so voted yes to stay hidden?

Hmm, definitely possible.

I mean here we have a chain of 3, plus a fourth on a successful mission. If there was ever a consensus team this seems it. So I give it roughly even odds on this being clean and evil trying not to hide as I do it being tainted.

  1. Lantz reported me correctly, and handed me the cards. He’s either good, or a really deep cover evil.
  2. Ott was part of a successful team, but was under the eye.

I think I need to think a little while before I can decide on whether to scrap the team. Maybe @scottagibson has an idea of an alternative team if this one is scrapped?

Full transparency, I was for the team partly because it means I get the cards, and partly because it seemed our best bet for a pass. Worse case it would tell us that we’ve got evil, could be at the top of the chain, could be Otis. And I haven’t really changed my mind on that rationale.

Or you’re both evil, so giving you all the cards was a good plan.

I guess it’s not that clear a choice, yeah. But it’s a pretty big risk.

(Ah, you fixed it as I wrote.) A bit worried it might send us in a goose chase if it’s more than one, but, well, are there better options? Inclined to no.

Yeah, I don’t like it much. But the vote could be just evil trying spook us off this team. And I don’t know that I can name a better team with no other information.

Given that all 4 Evils voted for it from my view, I can’t imagine they somehow coordinated to go deep under cover on an all Good team. It’s not like the team was all verified, where you usually see a 9-1 or 10-0 vote.

That’s what I’m thinking. And also, there’s no hurry to approve a team. I realise that others might look at my concentration of cards and think “that jostly can really mess things up if he’s evil”, but I like to see it like I can rescue things if they look really bad. :)

Anyway, I would very much like to see some other proposals, so I will play No Confidence on this team, @Knightsaber

Well, that’s one fewer NC to worry about anyway.

@rowe33 , you were Nay on 1A, Yea on 1B, Nay on 2A. Got any reasons?

I don’t see any other option here but to go with the chain plus me.

So, my team 2B:


Might as well start voting. Send in your votes:

I usually vote No on the first team but figured unless I have a specific objection then no need to keep VNFI for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. So yes on Team 1B, which worked out well, but I wanted to get a read on the room for the next team so voted no. jostly played the NC though, which definitely gives me a little more confidence in him. I don’t have any secret info so just trying to ferret out any info I can.

Yeah but send them to me and not scott because reasons.

Was gonna tag you but the forum software said Nay.

I’m not opening the pm’s until there’s a green ‘10’ up there just to have some hosting fun.