2022 also has plenty of WTF?!?!? moments.

I got the exact opposite impression from the article- it was trying to show Biden’s compassion, which I believe is legitimate. He legit comes off as compassionate to me.

I had the same reaction. I can’t see how you read that piece as critical of Biden unless you’re just looking for a reason to criticize the Post. If anything, it went way over into the “Biden’s a good guy” territory as opposed to sociopathic Roomba territory.

An earlier version of that Biden funeral piece on Twitter carried the headline / tagline that ‘many’ allies thought Biden was squandering valuable time by going to funerals; that it wasn’t the best use of a President’s time. That’s where the adverse reaction is coming from, not the the actual content, but to the social media spin.

That and the history of the writer who has shit on Biden for going to church.

In other news, the TTS guys seem to think that being gay or trans is a fetish and will ban you for it.
But you can go on about how you’re a straight dude and being straight is the proper way to be all day and they don’t care.

Bad news for them is that all the big YouTube board game people seem to have found out and aren’t happy.

Well, it is a form of isolation, for sure. And at least in the winter it’s not that hot.

Reading between the lines, it’s perfectly plausible that there was no ill intent–moderation set to trigger on words like “gay” or “tranny” used in chat because they’re often used in a derogatory sense. Moderation team wasn’t able to communicate successfully what the rules were because they’re not well-defined. They don’t want chat about sexuality precisely to avoid this kind of situation. It can’t help but feel like a minefield and Berserk has my sympathy here. If I were them, my solution would be to sincerely apologize, then just rip out global chat from the client. Once a community reaches a certain size, moderation is an impossible problem.

Yes! And next we should rip out global chat from the globe.

I don’t think it’s possible to have a real-time, open-to-all, large-scale, anonymous, online chat platform that doesn’t pretty quickly devolve into toxicity.

I may have sounded sarcastic but I wasn’t disagreeing… I think twitter, facebook, etc really prove your point. :)

It’s a tough problem. When people get together, if the platform (be it an app or a face to face venue) is attractive, and a community forms, folks will want to chat about things. These things will not always be limited to whatever brought them there in the first place. Trying to restrict conversations to only specific topics is pretty much impossible, if only because anything worth discussing inevitably will cross over into many other topics. It’s how life works.

I was a volunteer sysop in the old Compuserve game forums ages ago. Moderating chat even on a paid service like that was a nightmare sometimes. As online editor at CGM, too, more of the same, this time on a free platform. If you don’t moderate, though, you end up with a cesspool. The automated filtering option is attractive to people, but we all know how wonky and arbitrary those get, though really they aren’t that much more arbitrary than when a platform tries to write strict rules for use by human mods.

No clue what the solution is. Making chat not anonymous has its own set of problems, depending on how you define anonymous, and depending on how willing the platform owner is to prioritize behavior over money.

The global chat channel on TTS is particularly cesspool-ish. Dunno why they even have it, TBH. Seems like way more trouble than it’s worth. If I were them I’d close it down and let Discord handle it.

See the problem they seem to have run into is that you can talk about sexuality all you want if you’re talking about straight sexuality. And they specifically referred to being trans or gay as being political and/or a fetish.

So their whole defense breaks down pretty fast when someone is quoting them.

I wont disagree there. It’s the case of most global chats. But they do have it and they do moderate it, so at the end of the day it’s on them.

It’s a NYC mayor, so really they could probably have their own thread since every NYC in my lifetime has been corrupt, idiotic and/or crazy.
Also an ex-cop, but not a cop any longer.
I’m going with WTF.

Having now read the official Discord and sampled a bit of the thousands of pages of messages since this morning, they done fucked up. They’ve run afoul of the internet gender scolds.

Berserk’s only move now is to abjectly apologize for their ignorance and throw themselves on the mercy of the court.


Well, given that the first few decades of Internet discourse were dominated by a relatively monolithic, white, male, hetero-normative paradigm that brooked no opposition, turnabout might just be fair play.