2022 also has plenty of WTF?!?!? moments.

Sure. Why not?

Neom, sorry, NEOM really is something else. Like if Musk was a king or something. But it’s so bad that my brain wiped details on how stupid it is, alas.

That’s some science fiction novel shit. I don’t see anything so terrible about it if it works. It’s almost like a model for a colony on another planet. Just enclose the whole thing and make it airtight.

I feel like on first principles a line doesn’t make sense. If the main point of a city is to quickly access a large set of potential services (and a large set of potential customers) then a line is basically the worst shape? It’s the answer to the question of how we can arrange a city so that two random citizens as far away as possible.

OTOH, you can set up a transit system that just goes back and forth. No crossing traffic :)

A line might be easier from a construction perspective, and also potentially from a surface area perspective for their mirrored solar power generating walls (if they serve that purpose).

I’m thinking about the design and given the desert locale, maybe concrete and underground may make more sense.

Two things come to mind.

First, the concept seems to be why live in a grubby old city when you can live in a shiny new one?, but why not make the existing one shiny and new instead?

Second, none of the women in that concept video are in compliance with the dress code for Saudi women. I guess the conceit of the video is that they are all foreigners, and that Neom is a city for foreigners?

Spam is now a commodity valuable enough to guard.

It’s like we’ve become a second world county!

Is that really a spamburger… is that a thing?

CPB agents not even trying to hide that they’re making this shit up.

We should admit that kid into the country immediately, he could be out of college by age 5 and be an extremely productive member of society.

Why do so many pricks get border agent jobs and police jobs?

It’s a job that requires minimal education and skills, and in that job you get to lord it over ordinary people, so it is naturally going to attract a lot of pricks.

A million times this

Are Indonesian McDs so significantly different from Australian ones making it worthwhile to attempt to smuggle in a McMuffin?

They’re Vegemite free, mate.

Plus the job has been fetishized and hero worshiped for decades, including on television and movies. Even when “bad cops” are shown in shows and movies, there are always “good cops” taking them down. There is never a television show about police officers rolling around their city using their authority to bully the disadvantaged or people of color, harass women they find attractive, and beat the shit out of protestors or anyone that doesn’t give them the “respect” they think they deserve. That’s not entertainment, it’s reality. It would be really interesting (and probably incriminating in a lot of cases) to see the unused footage from shows like COPS that followed real police officers in real time.

Good grief.

That’s the trophy for the new Saudi-funded-breakaway-league golf event at Trump’s property last week. I’m sure it is not deliberate, but WTF were they thinking?