2022 also has plenty of WTF?!?!? moments.

I am not so sure.

I think we’ve figured out what’s causing the Great Mustard Shortage of 2022:

Honestly, I’d like to try one…

That’s just wrong.

I would never have made that connection, I think this is silly. It’s unmistakably a version of the stylized L in the LIV logo:

Anyone trying to spin this as some kind of faux pas is just trying to get some clicks.

I don’t think it’s deliberate. I do think it’s a blunder.

I’m not even convinced it was a blunder. I don’t think that’s sort of visual coincidence that one notices without deliberately going looking. This looks like a smear attempt to me.

Either way it looks like wreckage lol.

Well any smear attempt on the Saudis is fine by me. They deserve every bit of smear anyone can throw at them.

I’m not sure you can even smear the Saudis at this point.

ITT smart people.

Very creepy. Yale scientist revive pig organs 1 hour after death. They are hoping this technology can be used to keep organs viable for donation longer.

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The “Frankenswine” headline writer had a good day.

It’s fine.

I have to admit, zombie apocalpse was not on my Bingo card for 2022.

That’s zombie pig apocalypse to you!

I think I have heard of this, or something similar before, involving a saline solution and almost freezing the dead animal.

I think it was:

  1. Animal suffers trauma, and “dies”;
  2. Animals blood is drained and replaced with saline solution;
  3. Animal is frozen;
  4. Trauma is healed (stitched up);
  5. Animal is thawed and new blood is pumped in;
  6. Animal lives.

With potential applications on otherwise fatal Human trauma, specifically knife and gunshot wounds.


It was this I think:

Doctors Put a Patient in Suspended Animation for the First Time | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Next up: Peter Thiel buys Yale.

Ha ha – he’s exactly who I thought of when I read this news. He expects to live to be 120. All the evil he wants to do can’t be done overnight!

Joseph Stalin has been arrested.

Any word on Generalissimo Franco?