2022 Apple iPhone Launch

September 7, 1pm ET.

For sure:
New iPhone lineup

Apple Watch refresh - including rumored, much-larger “Pro” model

Possible, but unlikely:
New iPad/iPad Pro
New Macs

  • Both of these are supposedly coming at a separate October event.

Rounded rectangles with slightly higher specs I assume? I’m not excited (this goes for most smartphone manufacturers of course).

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll have improved cameras. Also rumored to have hole-punch camera and FaceID sensor, so no notch, but that might just be the Pro models.

Also rumored to launch with no physical SIM slot, so eSIM only, which would be a big change.

Rumors are a much smaller notch or even keyhole for the Pros, new A16 chip only in the Pro models, and a new non-pro large (Max) model, with the non-pro Mini being retired. Hopefully the notch is going away, I hate that piece of shit. Real face-palm moment when they put it in the laptops too, sheesh.

Seems like an appropriate place for this link…

I never ever notice the notch, so no big deal either way.

The only reason I’ve upgraded my phones since about the iPhone 7 Plus or Max or whatever it was is camera improvements. The improved ability to deal with high-contrast lighting in recent models has made a huge difference in the quality of photos of friends at comedy shows. So I’ll likely buy whatever this year just for the camera improvements.

It’s burying the lead, but iPadOS 16 will not be released alongside iOS 16. It will ship as iPadOS 16.1 separately, later this year.

I think there will be a lot of eye-rolling when Apple shows off the always-on display that Android users have had for years now. Buy hey, better late than never.

I am curious to see if the Pro models are titanium alloy and if that reduces the weight of the phone. I haven’t heard this rumor in a while though.

The only eye rolling will be from people who think it matters. There are a lot of great Android phones. The iPhone is great. Both are very successful and can continue to be so. They should both steal great ideas from each other.

And it’s not like Android phones don’t crib ideas from Apple.

I love my iPhone 12 Pro but I can’t see why I would need to upgrade. I don’t do anything a new phone could do better, that I’d notice anyway.

I think it’s time to retire my 8. It’s having some struggles anyway. Everyone do be like ‘wait until neeext year’ like this isn’t a ridiculous upgrade for me now.

I am just hoping for nice new colors. After a year with this light blue/grey 13 (can’t remember what Apple calls it) I am ready for something new and exciting. A better camera will always be appreciated as well.

Other than better cameras and faster chip, what did the iPhone 12 and 13 introduce that’s improved over the 11 Pro Max?

120Hz screen and a smaller notch.

Oh nice, I thought iPhones didn’t get 120hz yet and that was still just on iPads.

Yep added last year. Huge improvement.

iPhone 6+ here. I win!

I’m at the point where the only two things it does reliably is make/receive calls and function as an alarm clock/timer. Everything else is a crapshoot! So, yeah, likely to (finally) upgrade. I think an iPhone delta of 8 is pretty respectable!

I was iPhone SE, the original SE, until a couple of months ago. I switched to a Samsung Flip. I’m not a power user so ecosystem doesn’t really matter to me.

What I miss about the SE is the headphone jack and the home button. Both of those were handy.

I’m on a 10 and I thought I had waited a while. You do indeed win.

I’m expecting that the launch of the 14 will be my chance to buy a cheap 12.