2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Welcome to the 2021 Frame Game! This year, like the last year, we want to really encourage participation with what we did last year - which is, not worrying about tracking the games so much (duplicates are totally fine, especially if they lead to some fun guesses and surprises), though I will link the database of games used at the end, since it looks like it was updated as recently as November.

On top of that, just like last year, to encourage folks to guess that might otherwise refrain for fear of having to “take a turn” I will offer my services to create screen grabs for the winner to post themselves, or even post for them, and additionally will as last year pick a game myself or use their pick and/or screenshot. No reason not to dive in and give it a shot or take a guess! I’m certain other “veterans” will be happy to offer their services as well.

Otherwise, the rules are simple, post part of a screenshot and give folks some time to take a guess (just one) as to what the game might be, and if no one guesses in an amount of time you deem fit (let’s try to avoid waiting longer than 24 hours if possible, however, or the thread potentially gets pushed down too far) , post a follow up guess and rinse and repeat. Remember, you only win if someone guesses the game successfully, but in the spirit of competition don’t make it easy on us! Some of us are freaky good at this, so have fun with it!

Thanks for playing! The more participants, I think the more fun everyone will have!

Zork 3

dumb, but made me laugh XD

Woot! Might be good to clarify that each person has only one guess per frame.

I did write “take a guess” but I suppose to make it a bit more clear I did add “just one” to that line.

Something easy to start us off:

Watch Dog: Legion?

Agents of Mayhem

Sleeping Dogs?

I’m pretty sure those lights are too modern but I’ll say Mafia 2.

Nope to all so far. Enlarge the picture for a hint.

One of you would easily get the full frame. :)

Deus Ex?

Spiderman something something

Some of you are on the right track. Another hint if you zoom in and look carefully.

Saints Row 2?

Bokeh Simulator 2019

Train simulator 2019

Guess Simulator 2019

Btw, I couldn’t decide if that was Japanese writing on that building or Russian, so I just guessed Saints Row 2 had a little bit of everything.

The new Tony Hawk remake(s)?