2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

@Left_Empty More?

Feel like I’ve seen a map just like this in a game or two, but my brain is completely blanking on them.

I got shot yesterday, and time’s been flying out since then. I didn’t notice it had been over a day!

If you’re talking about one of the vaccines, that is very interesting. Time went by faster? I experienced the exact opposite. I got the Moderna version, and the second dose knocked me down hard for 4 straight days. One major side effect that I found interesting, was that my perception of time slowed down to a crawl. It was kind of nice, actually. I felt like I had way more time to do things in a single day. Granted, I was feeling so terrible otherwise, that I didn’t get much of anything done. But if possible, I’d love to bottle just that side effect and make use of it occasionally. I wonder if that’s what it is like to be on methamphetamine. Or if that is the exact opposite effect. I’m not sure, really.

Uh, anyway, game frame game. Right. Uhh… Yeah, still got nothin’. Never played them, so how about, like, The Division 2? No idea what the maps look like in those.

Did South Park The Stick of Truth have a map like that?

Maybe its Knights and Bikes?

Looks like an in game map for something.

I did not realize the vaccine offered time altering properties as well as protecting against the virus - now I’m really looking forward to mine! Frame does not get any easier to guess with the updates for me - got nothing

Well two days flew by because I slept non stop. Nothing very special. To each their own!

Well I know what it is , but I guess I cheated due to finding it on another game news site, then wishlisting it on Steam, which showed me who owned it already. :P

So I am out. And I am pretty sure no one is guessing this, lol.

That sounds like a legit way to sleuth what it is. Out with it!

(Like when @robc04 got my Forza Horizon pick when he knew that’s the game I was actively playing when it came to my turn).

Fine fine… its Ynglet

Saw it mentioned here :

Where is @Left_Empty ?

Yeah, I’m pretty unbothered by this kind of thing, especially when it’s clear no one’s going to get it otherwise.

Well Rhamorim got it on the first frame, as did Chappers who pointed me that the game was out, so he obviously thought he had cheated for knowing it and withdrew!
I posted about the game on the same hour I had posted that first frame, in the Indie game thread, but I didn’t care because the game is too good to skip — and I figured that next to nobody, excepting for the occasional deviant, shadowy and duplicious figure like Kosc! would give a damn about this amazing little thing.

It’s Copenhagen. I mean, it’s Ynglet, and it’s awesome. Best platformer for people who hate platformers and love beautiful things. Nifflas got a way with telling wordless stories.
But it doesn’t matter in 2021, because it’s got no progression, no cards, no grammatically challenged text, no dark gothic esthetics and no elves. So it gets next to no attention, no matter how much of a renowned genius of a game designer his author is.

Next is… Oh no, it’s Koooosc :O

Quoi de neuf ?

La moitié de dix-huit.

Or the square of three

So good at winning! ;)

Here we go:

Holy Potatoes Weapon Shop?

I thought @Left_Empty’s would be a weird tower defense. Interesting game.

Should have mentionned Gigglemoo amongst the deviants ;)

I’ll guess one of those Hero of the Kingdom games Kosc made me buy when I didn’t have a PC still, and that I have to try out yet!

Is that Dorf Romantik?