2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Secret premium inner circle of guesses!

Sunken city

For the record, @rhamorim just PM’d me and he does indeed have it. Which is absolutely bonkers to me but not impossible, of course. Good luck to everyone out there! I’ll post image 4 tomorrow morning.

Once you reveal what it is, I’ll explain how I knew this one. ;)

The mountain looks beautiful. 9 Monkeys of Shaolin?

The pirate nation’s city in age of empires 3!


This one you may have to have played to know it, and even then, I’m worried I may have made this a bit too hard. I’m very curious how @rhamorim knows it, but I do have a theory on that. :)

I wants to play it! Whatever game it is.

It’s super fun, I’m really digging in. I’ll talk more about it once I conclude the round, and I’ve intentionally avoided talking about it in the game-specific thread just so no one figures it out from that, but I’m eager to.

Nioh 2

Lost Ark?

A really cool city type from some later Heroes of Might and Magic game?

The new Disciples game…Liberation

Oops… well, I for sure know it now for an unrelated reason

Last major clue/reveal - good luck everyone!

Oh right, it’s that game… Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. I was wondering why the deja vu over the character reveal. Because it is Miss Fortune, duh.

Everything you wrote is correct!

I’m really, really digging this one - the combat is interesting and features plenty of great tactical options and variety while exploring the game world is rewarding with finding lore, treasure and enchanting items (and enchanting is very fun - don’t forget you can spend more resources than normal to “overdrive” your enchantment and get a bigger effect!), better equipment/gear for your characters, and the dialog and story have been fun so far. I’m about 75 hours in because for some stupid reason the game is tracking my hours played even while my Switch is asleep, but I think it’s actually about 10-12 and I’m really loving it.

This was one of the most interesting boss battles I’ve ever seen in a turn-base tactical RPG type title.

Yeah in between the last two frames I just happened to actually look at one of the many ads I was being shown for this game, which feature that exact frame.