2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Did you maybe see an ad for Arcane, on Netflix? It’s also based on LOL.

Nope, just looked it up. Totally the same game. In your two screens, each has a distinct art style. Then, in part of the intro, there’s this one:

Then, in conversation shortly after, there’s this one:

So, four, at least. Maybe not five. But still crazy to me. I’m not saying this makes it a bad game, or anything like that. But my mind is kind of blown that I can see two distinct screenshots of the same game and still not recognize it as the game I’d already seen.

Yeah, there is a lot of different art used for different things - for example the first pic you posted is when a character’s backstory is being told - but 98% of the game looks like the combat shot I showed you, from an art style point of view.

Ah, okay. I had seen the very start of the game (including a bit of the intro) and the person playing hadn’t even gotten to any combat yet by the time I had to leave. Glad to hear it mostly settles into one, though.

Mini rant: Multiple art styles - sometimes even just two - can really destroy my enjoyment of a game. For me it goes all the way back to 8-bit and 16-bit RPGs from Japan - though this is not a Japan-specific problem at all. But yeah, those games where you play little chibi/super-deformed characters that look like small, squat, children, but then in cutscenes you see them as normally proportioned adults? And, what, you’re supposed to think that’s what they actually look like the whole game? Just keep that image in your mind while you spend the other 99% of the game as the little dudes? I just cannot. Does not work for me. Obviously this is my problem and must be rare among others, since there’s gigantic franchises built on those traits. But, ughhhhh.

Oh, also, @Malkael Poke. You’re up.

Coming right up!..

Dominions 5?

A strong starting guess but Dominions 5 it ain’t.


It’s not ARMA 3 either.

So on to the next reveal:

Farming Simulator 1922

Hmm, not quite. Might be a few hundred years out, haha.

Next reveal…

Total War : ROME Remastered ?

A good guess, alas it is not Total War: Rome Remastered.

Empire: Total War? I think that had a mechanic where there were low walls in farmland your units could cover behind.

Alas, it’s not Empire: Total War either. I have a feeling someone will get it soon though.

Total War: Napoleon…based on the guesses above and the windmill and Malkael’s comments.

And if that’s not it, I’ll go with Medieval: Total War.

The original Medieval: Total War it is! With the English army arrayed for battle against the French army drawn up across the way.

New frame!