2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Othercyde or something

Yeah, pretty sure it’s Othercide.

It is indeed, purple tentacle pretending to be @thischarmingman

pew pew pew

It’s a pretty cool tactics game with a really well executed aesthetic and some interesting gameplay. Your all-female team of demon slaying Daughters fight using actions centred around pushing enemy turns down the timeline instead of cowering behind cover. Your Daughters never passively heal, so be wary of attrition (your interrupts here always come at a cost of a small amount of health), but you can sacrifice one to heal another and maybe bring across some interesting buffs in the process. Somewhat overlooked but I enjoyed it.

Two games I never heard about in a row :O

I remember I wanted to play it but then of course I never did. Perhaps now that it netted me this sweet win in the frame game I’ll finally give it a chance.

Indeed, it’s like the forum is slipping when keeping track of new games.

This one I know!

Good, I was thinking of you

Songs of conquest

As my French friends would (partially) say, that background is “painful”. Get it? Full of pain (bread in French)? Hahaha?

I’ll show myself out.

As for the game, I kind of recognize it, but I will say nothing. For now.

Omg i just repeated what you said, I’ll post more pain tomorrow

Cook serve delicious 3 ?

No, no, here’s less pain, more calmare:

Is it one of the Shantaes? I’ll throw out Half-Genie Hero because that’s the only one I know the name of.

It isn’t, although it looks almost as good.

In support of the theme of the thread to introduce people to new fetishes: Rottytops is the best.


Not shantay,

Not Shantae but it’s in that genre. Kind of.

Interesting pick. I played it a bit, but have yet to finish it.

I just got back to it after not getting that far initially. It really is a good one of those.

Breadhole 4.