2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Precision Crossbows?

Some of your are VERY CLOSE.

An old Call of Duty, say, 2?

Hell Let Loose?

The great thing about this answer is it stops me from having to make a new image! (Because it’s correct)

Bonus clip I saw the other day for people that like explosions and motion blur:

There’s a disappointing lack of chatter about the game on this forum!

Never heard of it. Yet another one.

It’s fantastic. Best current multiplayer FPS game, in my opinion. It’s a 50v50 ‘tactical’ FPS with pseudo-RTS elements that’s aiming to be Band of Brothers: The Game. It’s not as hardcore as Squad or ARMA, it’s much more approachable and fun. It’s not arcadey like Battlefield etc as it’s very much one-shot-kill for everyone, and the player driven tanks and artillery mean you’ll also be exploded into mist a lot too. It’s heavily team-play focused with ideally everyone having a mic, and similar to Squad everyone is in a 6man squad headed by a squad leader, and the squad leaders are lead by the commander who is responsible for spawning tanks and bombing runs and things.

We have a thread here but it’s pretty empty:

For an indie FPS it is doing decent numbers on Steam and has a lot of active servers. It also has PS5/xbox crossplay and a big (but buggy) update just dropped on console.

The low res pillar in front and overall materials and lighting made me think it was older, but the foliage, LOD, peek at the weapon, and minimal UI pushed my guess more modern.

I’ll have something tomorrow.

Yeah I’d never have guessed this one an XS/PS5 game.

Yeah, the lighting especially had me fooled. Looks very… 2004-ish. Pod, were you playing on PC and running the game at minimum settings or something close to it? Pretty much every other screenshot I’ve found of it looks far better/more modern. Since it is a multiplayer game, I could definitely see running it at low settings to get max possible performance. I did that a lot back when I played a lot of multiplayer shooters.

I was playing the game on max settings, but it was melting my laptop a bit. So now most of my settings are on high, except for shadows on low, and foilage which is medium, I think. With foilage on medium being for a competitive advantage because it draws less grass!

My other screenshots look great. I chose this one as it looks really, really janky and would confuse you all :). I guess they used terrible textures up there as everyone can see the church at all times? Or perhaps there was a streaming error, which isn’t uncommon in this game. (You’ll spawn, and then there’s a very noticeable delay before everything streams in. Pro-tip game, you know which spawn I selected, so load it before I spawn?)

Okay, sorry for the delay. Here we are -

Dirt: Rally 2?

Dirt ;D


Rage of Mages Necromancer?

Nope! Next frame (sorry for the delay, today is nuts) -


The Guild II?

Sim Isle?

Apologies - I’ll get the next shot tomorrow. Work has been crazy, and today was my wife’s birthday. The frames shall resume tomorrow!