2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

I’m sorry, no. I love that game’s screenshots though.

Puzzle Pirates?

My other guess was Don’t Sink, but I think that had chunkier pixels.

Still not the right one.
There is a ship involved though. Also a dog and donkey.
And chocolate. The voyage has been well prepared for.

The final clue will be posted tomorrow.

Last chance!

It’s not Curious Expedition (2?) is it?

It is!
It’s the original Curious Expedition. I’m a fan. Gotta have plenty of chocolate.

@tfernando Poke! You’re up.

Oh no, I got distracted. I’ll get a new one up tonight.

Sorry for the delay! How well do we know sports games?

With sports, I think you have to get the title exactly. :)

Galactic Fishing

Pinball FX (2022)

I did not expect this to go that quickly. It is Intergalactic Fishing.

The bit about getting the title exactly was to try and draw out a bunch of guesses about old sports games with years in the number. I didn’t expect this to be guessed until I revealed a fish. :) @Left_Empty is up.

that green colour gave it away. Game may not have graphics, but it’s got a graphical style!

frame 1

More screens, for @Pod

By popular demand: more screens.

frame 2

Team Yankee???

Do Not Feed the Monkeys?

Thank you for the gentlemen guesses!

frame 3

I have no idea what it is, but it feels like it should be a WarGames tie in video game.

I definitely played this…