2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

That text looks a lot like Strange Horticulture, but I gotta think that’s already been used.

Good call, and according to the list it hasn’t been used yet.

Ack, I’ve never played this frame game before! Now I’m scared I just won one.

Indeed it is! I was also surprised to see Strange Horticulture had been guessed but never actually selected. I am not at my desktop to post the full screen right now, but you can start getting a shot ready, Houngan! If you’re not sure how, I think you can find some tips in this thread or I’d be happy to tell you what I do (using Paint.net).

Thanks, I know Paint.net but I just don’t play as many games as you folks! I think I have one in mind, give me a bit. Where’s the previous game list?

It’s always linked in the first post. But, here’s the link. However, we’ve been doing this game for several years at this point. It’s okay to do a repeat game if you can’t come up with anything. Though, I’d check to see if it has been done more than once. If it has, then maybe something else would be better.

Ah, I did look but got thrown off by the post title, just skimmed. Gimme a few hours.

Let’s try this, not sure what the appropriate number of clues are. Which game might it be:

Is that Glittermitten Grove?

Here’s the full Strange Horticulture screen, btw. I thought I would totally give it away with my second reveal, but Houngan was too perceptive!

Dang, your call was way more impressive than mine, Glittermitten Grove, a. k. a. Frog Fractions 2, is right!

Wooooooah. The little flowered branches suggested procedural growing trees and that was the only game I could think of that did that.

Not gonna lie… that was super impressive guessing.

Right? I tried hard to give almost nothing on the first frame, I even made sure to cut out the actual icon on the upper right. Anyway, I don’t know if this is also obligatory, over to you @Nightgaunt !

Also: Is there a full game that is like the first part of Glittermitten Grove? I quite enjoyed it in that it was like Terraria but so much more casual. Less clickey and fightey, more “Go my minions and explore this world and build these things.”

It’s a good question! I’ve wanted a side-scrolling city-builder for a long time, and I don’t know of many.

Might take me until tomorrow I pick a new screen. Patience!

Have you played Spiritfarer? It’s not exactly a side-scrolling city-builder, but it has side-scrolling and you can build stuff on your boat. ;)

Oh yeah, totally. It is a kind of platformer/builder, for sure. I suppose you could call out the Kingdom games, too. But neither is like Glittermitten Grove, which operates on a different scale and with a swarm of workers.

There’s always Craft the World.

That was the one I was trying to remember!

H’okay! Here’s a screen!

Hooooooow about now?