2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Neo Scavenger?


Sim Ant? Completely random guess. Don’t have a clue what that game looks like.

Wow the beta version of The Sims was weird.

It is not Neo Scavenger or SimAnt. It’s also not a beta version of The Sims, but that’s a really interesting guess…

Something to noodle on while watching the awards show …

Starting to think I might lose here …

I’m going to put this full frame here and hopefully someone will get it overnight. Else I’ll declare the loss tommorrow.

Random guess: Digilife AL-2000

Sorry, I’m mystified. Looks unique, though!

No worries, I played this game a lot in high school … It’s Unnatural Selection by Maxis (1993).
Unnatural Selection DOS Aircraft Loading
Unnatural Selection DOS Island Command Selection
Which is what made the “beta for the Sims” so interesting… Will Wright isn’t listed in the credits on Moby Games, but a lot of the people who are listed also worked on other Sims titles from the time period. This game involved breeding creatures and dropping them on islands to out compete creatures made by an evil scientist. It’s not exactly a genetics system under the hood, but the individual creatures do their own thing based on behaviour preferences and physical stats. I don’t know if any of that eventually migrated into The Sims, but it might be possible?

I’ll try to get a new game up this evening.

Cool pick! I thought I was familiar with all the Maxis games!

Ok … major publisher, released on multiple platforms, including a commemorative edition. I didn’t see it in the cheat code list…


Halo 2600?

Cannon Fodder on the Atari 7800?

Not Crossbow, Halo, or Cannon Fodder. Not Atari 2600 or 7800. :)
More trees!

Some weird port of North & South?

Sid Meier’s Pirates!?

List is no longer a thing, in terms of rules. Games can be repeated, as long as the frames are different. ;)

As for the frame you posted, no idea.