2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

That’s adorable, but my crow got better material.

That looks familiar, but I don’t remember where I might have seen that…

Next someone wins let me know and I’ll get a 2023 thread going…

Psst, you can cheat and rename the thread!

Doorknockers: Action Squad

Its @Left_Empty screenshot so that new thread might be a week away! :D

I historically don’t do this because I think it’s wiser to get moved over to a new thread - I don’t know what the limits are on the forum software, but we are at over 4700 posts in a thread with a lot of images, so I’d hate to get half way into the year and some sort of problem on the backend corrupt the thread or something. Just being cautious. Also, it’s nice to keep the old threads around for posterity.

Agreed. New year, new thread. But we can wait for @Left_Empty and his hard-to-guess game. The weirdest thing is that it looks familiar somehow…

The crow/raven especially.

oh it’s not hard to guess. it’s even a goty candidate for a good lot of folks. But strangely, it hasn’t even been mentioned once around this place.

Crow game is obviously too mainstream. Around here we prefer that the only players of a game be the developer, developer’s mum, and the QT3 denizens.

It had been announced 14 years ago, so most of the senile men around here forgot about it is all!

Limbo of the Lost? :D


Exactly, the Revision of the freeware version from 2021 to be precise.

Is it a masterpiece like I’ve seen a few people claiming it to be?

I can’t tell yet, I haven’t had time to play anything !

How dare you!

(I’ve been there. I AM there)

@Scotch_Lufkin Please proceed with the new thread. :D

New thread thisaway →