2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Astral Chain

Dynasty Warriors Gundam?

Some letters might be right.

Damn, I thought that previous one was a major reveal!

That’s Kainé’s “dress”, but Nier doesn’t look like that in my mind, so I still don’t know what that would be.

EDIT: Oh wait, you sneaky guy, it’s Drakengard 3, isn’t it?

My boy!

It’s Drakengard 3/Drag on Dragoon 3, with Zero wearing indeed Kaine’s attire (doubles the blocking move’s timeframe, yes please!).

Shit game, but I liked it. Strangely, the first ending was by far the best. I guess Yoko got to bust expectations one way or another.

I finished it completely yesterday, today I start Nier.

I’m curious to know what you think of Nier. I really liked it, and NieR: Replicant is in my short list for the best games I played in 2021, but NieR: Automata improves on it in every single way for me. As such it’s my second favorite Yoko Taro game. ;)

I guess I’d like to see a Drakengard 3 remake or something, but that’s probably not coming. ;)

I’ll post something later.

I’m curious too!

Here we go. Not my screenshot, alas.


Nier: Replicant!

Two pretty good guesses, but no.

Unreal Tournament 3?

Hmm those sure look like Nier series energy ball thingies.

Keeping with a theme of tricksiness, Final Fantasy XIV?

That was a really clever, multi-level guess.

And you’re right, of course. It is a screenshot of the Nier: Automata crossover raid in Final Fantasy XIV Online. I wanted to keep up with the Nier thread that @Left_Empty started, and also post something of the game I’ve been playing exclusively for the last month.

Your turn, @zerocrates !

The mind games :0

FFXIV looks really complicated (from someone who haven’t played any MMO since Asheron’s Call)!

It is not as complicated as it looks, really. It can be a bit overwhelming at first but after a few hours everything settles nicely into place.

I like that those are almost the biggest chunks of anything you could haven taken there without hitting some UI.