2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Dominions 5?

A strong starting guess but Dominions 5 it ain’t.


It’s not ARMA 3 either.

So on to the next reveal:

Farming Simulator 1922

Hmm, not quite. Might be a few hundred years out, haha.

Next reveal…

Total War : ROME Remastered ?

A good guess, alas it is not Total War: Rome Remastered.

Empire: Total War? I think that had a mechanic where there were low walls in farmland your units could cover behind.

Alas, it’s not Empire: Total War either. I have a feeling someone will get it soon though.

Total War: Napoleon…based on the guesses above and the windmill and Malkael’s comments.

And if that’s not it, I’ll go with Medieval: Total War.

The original Medieval: Total War it is! With the English army arrayed for battle against the French army drawn up across the way.

New frame!


I think @wavey has it, that crow looks very familiar

It is not Shardlight!

The Last Door? (That has chunkier pixels, doesn’t it?)

Not The Last Door either. Let’s reveal some more monochroma.