2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Wait, you still have friends on steam after that drunk bender incident with your CS:GO team?

Obviously the answer is CS:GO then, duh

Great choice Bob

Katana zero

Police Quest 3?

It reminds me of Gunpoint, but I don’t think it was in that low a resolution, and the guards don’t look right.

Is it Not A Hero?


I know right?!?!

Almost giving it away here. Very little left to hide.

Mother Russia Bleeds?

I was going to guess Basement, but that seems wrong now.

Nope! UI reveal!

Oh i know it. I don’t own it and am very curious about it, saw it released on the switch a few weeks ago. Can’t remember the name at all though

Well here is all of it, anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Feel like I should know it, but I’m stumped.

Blues Brother?

Sadly no one got it. It was LACUNA - A sci-fi Noir Adventure from the December Humble Monthly.

My shame is great, as I must try again. Also people who got the game in the monthly should feel shame for not knowing they own it. :P

But that’s ok, I have other screenshots of games no one played! Lets go again, and start off with a huge reveal:

Aaah,riiiight. I haven’t started it up yet! I’ve been playing Midnight Protocol tonight.

D’oh! I even have it on my steam wishlist

Last reveal for today, bed time for me!

Hand of Fate?